OurKickboxing Fitness classes Will Torch Calories

If you are not in shape – our Fitness Kickboxing class is an incredible program great for adults who aims to lose weight, tone muscles. Achieve high confidence in your body while taking part in a high-energy and total body workout that will burn your calories. Build a more robust and well-defined muscle with our absolute best workout class in St. Louis. Combining Aerobics, Boxing, and Martial Arts fitness classes to give you an exciting 800 calorie-burning program that challenges your body and improves your cardiovascular ability, strength, and overall fitness level, as well as enhance your flexibility. Plus, the motion of bag hitting, running, and core training helps your arms and legs gain strength and power. If your purpose is to lose some pounds, sculpt your muscles, this program will give you the sexy and shapely figure you've always wanted.

Kickboxing Fitness Sessions For Picking Up Self Defense Skills Whiling Boosting Your Self Esteem!

Kickboxing Fitness is a free form fighting with many rules and customs that are there to avoid injuries. In our Kickboxing Fitness classes, we help you spot and then strike at the appropriate area to overpower your opponent. An ideal technique for developing self-defense skills and for boosting confidence. Moreover, more than 80% of adolescents do not do enough aerobic physical activity to meet the guidelines for young adults. One reason Kickboxing Fitness is an ideal option for you to stay fit and active.

High activity and complete body workout with our kickboxing classes

Get Fit And Have Fun In Our Kickboxing Fitness classes

Our highly experienced Kickboxing Fitness instructors help you burn more calories while adding fun techniques and routines to your workout. Kickboxing Fitness is known as one of the best exercises around by men and women across the country because it's a fun and challenging workout that helps you stay fit and in great shape!