When Reaching New Goals, You've Got to Let Go of Past Failures!

When reaching for your new goals, please remember to not hold onto past failures.  Many of us have that little voice in our head when we try and attempt something new that says, “What are you thinking!  You can’t do this!”  If you’re like me, you may tend to remind yourself of all the reasons why you can’t achieve your goal instead of the reasons why you can and the reasons why you should attempt to reach your new goal.  Sometimes we can be our greatest obstacle on our path to achievement.  We can talk ourselves out of a goal while we talk down to ourselves and let our thoughts drift to remind us of how we could never achieve this, or become that.  We can be like a certain parrot who lived in the pet store.  One day a man went into a pet store to pick up a few items.  As he walked in he casually looked around and then his attention was taken by a beautiful parrot.  As he walked up to the parrot’s cage the parrot said, “Mister you ain’t nothing but a punk!”  The man was taken back and at first found it amusing as he gathered his purchased items and left.  Then he came back the next week and the parrot did it again.  And at his next visit the parrot said it again.  By this point the man had, had enough!  He went to the pet store owner and said, “Sir you really out to teach your parrot some manners.  He keeps telling me, “Mister, you ain’t nothing but a punk!” The pet store owner made his way over to the parrot’s cage and gave him a talking too saying, “You can’t be calling my customers a punk!  That’s disrespectful!”  Thinking the issue was resolved the customer came back the following week as he glared over at the parrot, who he thought had been taught his lesson, the parrot said, “Mister,” the man glared even stronger, and the parrot continued by saying, “You know!”  That is a funny story, but how many times is our own thoughts like that parrot as we belittle ourselves and talk down about our own potential!  We’ve got to have a talking with that parrot in our head and tell him to get with it, or get out! If you struggle with thoughts of failure and reminding yourself of all the reasons you can’t when it comes to achieving your goals, I encourage you to replace those negative thoughts with positive thoughts of all that you can do and start focusing on your strengths as you move forward to reaching your goals.


"The Way of the Dojo" - Sensei Dave

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