Fit Always Comes With a Fight!

Fit Always Comes With a Fight!


By Sensei Dave Hanson

We all want results, but are we willing to fight for them?  To achieve the fitness and healthy lifestyle results that you want, you must first make a decision to be willing to fight for them.  Fight for your schedule to workout.  Fight through plateaus.  Fight through sickness and soreness and a host of other issues that will distract you from achieving your goals.  You have to change your mindset, if you are ever to achieve your goals. 

In Japanese it's called, "Tokken" meaning fighting spirit.

One of the things that can help bolster your fighting spirit on the path to achieving your fitness goals is to... remember your "why." 

Remember those things that motivate you to stay the course and not make excuses to give up on  yourself and your goals.  Maybe you want to live a longer healthier life to be around to enjoy your kids, or grandkids.  Perhaps you want to be at your best, so you can perform at your peak level of performance and experience life to the fullest.  Whatever your "why" is make it a good one and it will help you fight through those times of lethargy when you feel like giving up.  

By the way when the temptation comes around and you feel like giving up, that's when you got to bring your best fight.  Get mad at your excuses, put some emotion into your decision to be your best on your journey to get fit and healthy. 

Don't make excuses for your reasons to quit and give up.  Take full responsibility and take charge of your life and make decisions.  Those decisions need to be backed up with self-discipline that is ultimately motivated by your purpose and that means we are back to your "why."  To stay motivated don't take your eye off the prize.  If we put this in mountain climbing terms.  Your going to have some plateaus on your way to the summit.  That's okay.  That is part of the experience, just don't let those times of rest, regrouping, or distractions take your eyes off the top of the mountain.  Rest, recover and start climbing again.  Remember your fit always comes with a fight and that fight is always within you.  When excuses raise their ugly heads to make you give up on your goals, flex your self-discipline muscles and go to battle for your "why" and as long as you don't give up the fight for your goals, you are winning.   You may lose some daily battles, but you will be able to win the war in your fight for a fit healthy lifestyle. 

So when things get hard and life gets tough that just means it's time to get out your "fighitng spirit" headband. Put it on with a new attitude and get at it! And by all means, Keep fighting!

P.S. The headband is not requried, but the attitude is, keep fighting!;)

"Way of The Dojo" - By Sensei Dave



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