Stay Hungry

Stay Hungry

By Sensei Dave Hanson

How hungry are you?  When it comes to achieving your dreams and goals, how bad do you want them?  Are you a lion, or a gazelle? Both start each morning running.  The lion gets up hungry and thinks, “I’ve got to kill something, so my family can eat and survive.” The gazelle has no external goal, but only thinks, “I’ve got to out run the lion, so I can live another day.”  One is actively pursuing its goal and the other is running for survival, with no greater purpose in mind.  Make your mind up to be a lion.  Get up each morning hungry with your goal on your mind and go to work to make it happen.  If it doesn’t happen, you will pay the consequences.  If the lion doesn’t achieve its goal, the lion and his family doesn’t eat and if you don’t achieve your goal, how will that negatively impact your future and the future of those you love.  I enjoy the martial arts for its aesthetic beauty.  I appreciate the dynamic power and the gracefulness of the kata and I enjoy the physical outlet it provides for exercise and stress relief, but one of my primary goals of training is to always be ready.  Training my mind and body, like the lion, to be ready to defend my territory.  That may sound a little irrational to some, but in the world we live in I think it is paramount to have a goal of protection and survival.  We need to be prepared physically, mentally and in our spirit to protect those we care for and our own self preservation.  That’s one of my motivations for training and it gets me up and keeps me hungry to reach my goals.  For mastery of the martial arts and every other area of life stay hungry!

"Way of The Dojo" - By Sensei Dave


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