Prime Your Karate Pump

Prime Your Karate Pump

By: Sensei Dave Hanson - June 2017

 Karate is like a well of water and you are like the old pump used to pull the water up.  At first to get any water out you must begin to pump and you’ll find yourself working very hard in the beginning with little results.  A little water starts to trickle out of the old pump and you feel some encouragement.  Likewise after a lot of work on learning karate you’ll notice some little improvements.  It’s enough to keep you going, so you pump even harder. The problem that most people run into when it comes to priming the old pump to get water out is the same problem most new students run into when learning karate.  That problem is them.  They give up way to quickly.  And if they give up what ends up being the results is that they put a whole lot of work into priming the pump, or learning karate with very little results.  But for those few students who continue to prime the karate pump and work diligently without giving up, like the old water pump, in time they will discover that the pump will begin to flow and then gush fresh water with very little effort at all.  The hardest part is in the beginning when you work the hardest with very little success.  Don’t quit!  Keep on pumping and working hard and in time the knowledge, like the water, will flow.  Just keep pumping!

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