Reignite Your Passion

By: Sensei Dave Hanson - April 2017

  When I was young and just starting in the martial arts I was excited and enthusiastic about my training.  I loved to practice and I loved to show anyone who would be a willing audience, or better yet my student as I shared with them my newly acquired knowledge.  I just couldn’t get enough of it.  I was pulled by my passion.  When you love doing something you’ll do it because you love doing it and not because you must.  Passionate students don’t have to be reminded to practice. They practice, because practice itself is their reward.  When students lose their passion, it usually isn’t because they don’t love training anymore, but more because they forgot how much they loved it. They get distracted by everyday things as they practice less and less. Eventually their progress slows and they get discouraged.  If this trend continues they will inevitably give up and quit.  The secret to longevity in karate or anything else you love to do is to reignite your passion.  Reflect regularly on why you started in the first place.  What motivated you to begin training.  I personally find a renewing of my passion by watching specific movies related to my training, listening to certain songs and reading my favorite motivational books.  They remind me why I love to do what I do.  Try it and it will reignite your passion too.

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