By: Sensei Dave Hanson

 Mokuso is for the mind as it is a way to prepare the body and making the mind, body and spirit connection complete.  Mokuso, which is a form of meditation, that is performed at the beginning and ending of every class during the Reishiki ceremony.  The Reishiki is a very formal ceremony of bowing and acknowledgments of the past and present teachers and ones fellow classmates.  It is also a time of self-reflection when a student takes time to meditate and prepare their mind for training at the beginning of class and the opportunity to reflect at the end of class. There is nothing mystical about the type of meditation we do in the dojo it is simply mental training the prepares the individual.  This type of meditation can be found in many facets of life and professional athletes use a similar type of visualization training to prepare to perform at the pinnacle of their respective sports.  Moskuso is for every day life, as is karate training.  It is a time to clear the mind before the big business meeting and a time to reflect after the important presentation you just given.  It is a time for growth and learning as you see in your minds eye your complete performance and understand how you can make it better.  This works as well with visualizing your kata performance as it does to rehearse within your mind your presentation before your class at school or at work.  Karate is about training the mind, body and spirit and Mokuso is a way we engage the mind and connect the body and spirit as one for training.  Try it in your every day life and see for yourself the difference the daily discipline of meditation and reflection can make for you.

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