Why Train...What Are Your Reasons?

Why Train...What Are Your Reasons?

By: Sensei Dave Hanson - February 2016

  It was author Forrest E. Morgan who said, “The warrior doesn’t train for others to see him.  He trains because he is a warrior and perfecting his spirit is his lifetime objective.”  A question we all must ask is, “Why train?”  What is your reasons? If your reasons are noble and worthy of your time and effort you are more likely to stay committed to your training.  If your reasons are only external and shallow  you will eventually quit.  It is unfortunate that more people don’t understand the intrinsic value of martial arts training.  The benefits can last a lifetime.  Everyone who comes to the dojo  has their own reasons to train.  You must ask yourself often, what your reasons are.  Because it is your reasons that will drive you, or ultimately deter you.  The good news is that if you’re reasons aren’t yet good enough to motivate you, you can always evaluate and find new more worthy reasons why you should train.  Some come to the dojo for confidence, some for self-defense, others because of their fascination with the Asian fighting arts.  For every person who steps into the dojo there is another good reason to train.  To discover if  your reasons are good enough, test them with time. 

Time reveals our true commitments to ourselves and others watching.  Our dedication is discovered in our weekly training, and the years we have committed to learning our art.  Pause and take time to reflect on your reasons.  If you don’t have any good ones, ask me and I can give you plenty. But eventually you must make your reasons your own.  You must own your training and make it personal and satisfying to see yourself accomplishing your noble reasons to train.  My Sensei once said, “Part of the philosophy that I learned is that you don’t have to show off it’s just about yourself its an internal journey.  It’s to test yourself.  In the end karate is for you….You don’t need to get complimented from people outside...  Training is for you, it’s for yourself.  That’s what karate is.”  Through the years that message from my teacher has tested me.  When I wanted to give up and felt a since of abandonment from others and my training goals, the words of my sensei came back to me and I recalled why I trained.  Karate was mine and I trained to develop myself to be the best person I could be.  To challenge myself mentally, physically and to test my spirit as I pushed past my limits continually.  Karate is mine and now I share my karate with you, my student.  What is your reasons to train.  Have you made your karate yours yet?  If not I suggest you try.  It will take your training to another level.

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