Take Your Vitamin C Daily

Take Your Vitamin C Daily

By: Sensei Dave Hanson

Believe in yourself.  Believe you can do great things. Then do them.  But you must first believe. One of the worst enemies to your self-belief is doubt. Doubt is what we call a sickness in the martial arts.  It is not a physical illness, but like a physical illness it has symptons and it also has a cure.  Doubt is a sickness that infects your mental state and alters your attitude.  It can change your attitude from a positive mental attitude to a negative mental attitude.  The cure for doubt is a dose of confidence.  The only way to overcome your doubts is to believe you can.  Your doubts affect three areas of your personality and those areas are your self-ideal, who you wish to become in the future.  Doubt also affects your self-concept, who you see yourself as today. And finally and the most serious results of the doubt disease is when you allow your doubts to affect your self-esteem, how you feel about yourself.  Your self-esteem is one of the hardest areas to build and the first area that is attacked when doubt enters your mind. The affects of doubt can be like a cancer to your attitude eating away at your belief in your own God given abilities.

The question arises how do you counteract doubt and build your belief in yourself therefore improving your self-ideal, your self-concept and ultimately raise your self-esteem.  Just like medicine the solutions may vary from person to person, but typically the following approaches work well.  First talk to yourself when you have doubts invade your thinking. Of course do it privately, so no one doubts your sanity, but all kidding aside talking to yourself with positive affirmations and say these affirmations with emotion to convince your subconscious. This can be an excellent way to counter doubt when it attacks your self-esteem and thereby destroys your self-belief.  Another great way to build your believe in yourself is get around great people who believe in you and will speak that belief into your life reaffirming to you your value and how special you are.

Don’t let doubt take hold of you.  Take of hold of it and make it submit to your greater belief in all that you can be and all that is possible for you to achieve.  When doubt says, "You can't", Say, "Yes I will!"  Then do it.  Action is the best destroyer of doubt.  Once you have achieved what at first you doubted was possible for you, then doubt is cured and will never return for that specific thing you doubted you could do in the first place.  Be aware and be vigilant, because doubt will make a return at every possible encounter of new task our challenge, or in the people you face on a daily basis.  When doubt raises its head in your face crush it with confidence.  Confidence takes faith, the opposite of doubt.  Have faith that you can and then do it thereby crushing your doubts.  The more you have confidence and the more you take action the less your doubts will plague you and the higher your self-esteem will rise!  Confidence is the vitamin C that cures all the doubts in your head. Take your vitamin C daily and your doubts will go away!

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