Making The Way Of Fitness A Way Of Life

Making The Way Of Fitness A Way Of Life

Making The Way Of Fitness A Way Of Life

By: Sensei Dave Hanson

Experts say that 75 percent of adults in 2015 are overweight and 40 percent of those are obese. Heart disease and type two diabetes has become a way of life for many Americans. What is the solution? The answer can be found in the way we live. The way we think and in our daily habits. The solution to many health problems facing us today can be found in the way of fitness, and making it a way of life. The way of fitness is not the way of the weekend warrior, but a lifestyle. Many people make a sincere effort to lose weight, stay in shape and count their calories, but that is not the way of fitness. The way of fitness is a balanced lifestyle, and it starts in the way we think about ourselves, our family and our life.

The secret to making fitness a way of life is found in your daily habits, for man is nothing more, or less than his cumulative habits. It was Evenus who said, “Habit, my friend, is practice long pursued, that at last becomes the man himself.” All you will do and ultimately become on the outside begins with a change on the inside. You can’t make a habit of eating donuts every week, beer and brats every weekend and occasionally work out and think you are going to change anything. You must change the way you think about your eating habits as well as exercise. Eating healthy and exercise must be something you look at as a reward instead of a punishment. The secret is to keep it simple and master the basics. It was the legendary coach Vince Lombardi who said, “The key to winning is to be brilliant at the basics.” And the key to winning in the Way of Fitness is to master the basics of energy consumed in the form of your daily caloric intake and energy exerted in your daily exercise routine. You master these basics by changing your thinking and reward system towards exercise and eating developing new habits. Do this for twenty one days in a row and you will develop rock solid habits that will follow you the rest of your life. The secret to change in reaching your fitness and health goals is simple, and yet very hard. You may be just a few simple steps a way from reaching your health and fitness potential, but those few steps feel like a great gulf between where you are at in your thinking and where you want to be in your results. Understand your basics are simply out of alignment. 

 So what is that magic moment when You’ll turn the corner and begin reaching the results you desire? It will happen when you realize your motivation and make a decision. Then find guidance from a few key people and resources you can trust and simply apply them until they become a set habit and ultimately a way of life. Ask yourself what is your motivation to gain better health. Is it to have a fuller life? Live to see your children, or grandchildren grow up? Avoid the pain associated with an unhealthy lifestyle that can lead to heart disease, type two diabetes, higher risk for cancer and host of other ailments when you are over weight? What is your motivation to live to your fullest? Find your motivation and let it drive you threw those hard days when your new habits are being formed. When developing new habits for a healthy lifestyle you must think of them like a fragile young plant. The plant needs time to take root and grow before it will be strong enough to stand on its own. Until then your old habits, like weeds in a garden, will try to suffocate and kill your new young habit. Protect your new habits, give them plenty of sunshine in the form of positive reinforcement and water them with encouragement and then watch them grow strong. In time they will be strong enough to replace your old bad habits.

What is your motivation to take care of yourself and live a healthy lifestyle? What new habits are you willing to make today? It could literally mean the difference between a long life and an early death and it will definitely effect the quality of your life now. Find your motivation and then master the basics turning them into rock solid habits. I suggest you start By keeping a journal and be accountable to yourself and perhaps a partner for your results as you write down daily your calorie intake and your fitness routine completed for each day. When you do this you’ll bring your actions that are giving you the results you see and feel daily in your health into your conscious awareness. So how do you get started?  The first step is to make a decision. It is that simple.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “To be simple is to be great.” Take control of your life today.  Your one good decision away from changing your life forever. Make a decision today to make the way of fitness a way of life.  

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