Youre Killing Me Smalls

You're Killing Me Smalls

By: Sensei Dave Hanson

You can never rise higher than your thoughts. It was William Arthur Ward who said, “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” Words are powerful and when you say to yourself, “I can’t” you have determined what you are capable of without giving yourself a chance to try. I enjoy watching the movie Sandlot. It’s about a group of boys who in the 1960’s play baseball on the local sandlot by their homes. They dream of becoming the next Babe Ruth, or Jackie Robinson. They were not tainted by the skepticism that comes with adulthood. Their thinking was not hampered by the reality and the daily responsibilities that adults have to face. Therefore they were not afraid to dream big. There was one boy who they called Smalls. He received this nickname because of his size, and whenever one of the other boys was frustrated with him, he would exclaim, “You’re killing me smalls.” Now as adults we can use this same phrase, not about our physical stature, but in reference to the size of our thinking. When you tell yourself you can’t reach this goal, or achieve that dream, you should follow that right up by saying to yourself, “You’re killing me smalls.” Because by saying, ‘I can’t’ you are killing your dream. Small thinking is the quickest way to kill big dreams. Darren Hardy, the publisher of Success Magazine says, “The thought, ‘I can’t’ is a lie. We use it to excuse ourselves from trying.”

The good news is that there are many ways you can enlarge your thinking. One way is to simply get around people who think bigger and fly higher than you. You can fly with the eagles or meander with the turkeys, but the choice is yours alone to make. If you try flying with eagles you might find you like it. There is a story about a young bird named Fred. Fred use to stay in the pen with the other turkeys. They would all hang around, for their daily routine, waiting for the farmer to approach with that morning’s feed. This was their joy in life. It was what they lived for every day. These turkeys spent their day looking toward the ground pecking at the dust of the earth gathering the left over feed that was scattered around them. Their world was in the pen. Until that one special day. That is when young Fred looked up and saw an eagle soaring in the sky.

He said to himself, “I sure wish I was like that eagle and could soar like him. I would be free and out of this pen without any limits on how high I could rise, or how far I could go.” Then Fred looked to the ground and thought to himself, “But I could never do that, I’m here with these turkeys and this is who I am.” So Fred forgot about his big idea, and went about his usual routine until the next day when the eagle was back soaring overhead again, and Fred said to his turkey friend, “Did you see that eagle. Wouldn’t that be great to be able to fly like him?” His turkey friend looked at Fred and responded, “What do you mean, Fred? Don’t you know that you are an eagle? The farmer brought you here when you were really young and you grew up here with us turkeys in the pen.” And then Fred’s turkey friend went on to suggest, “Now Fred don’t be getting any big ideas in your head about flying like that eagle. It’s too late for you. You are just a turkey like the rest of us now.” Shocked by this new revelation, and undeterred by his turkey friend’s advice, Fred started to look at himself differently. He noticed he had wings like an eagle and not like the other turkeys, and he noticed he had claws like the eagle and a sharp beak. The realization then struck Fred that, yes indeed, he was an eagle too. Even though he had been in that pen for years he refused to believe that he was now just another turkey. With the thought of realizing his true potential as an eagle etched into his mind, Fred’s world began to change. He stretched out his wings and began to attempt to fly. It felt great. He was doing what he was made to do.

After a few tries Fred was able to get off the ground and then it happened. He looked up to the clear blue sky and saw the other eagles soaring above him, and he made his mind up to join them. With one gargantuan effort Fred took off flew out of the pen, and joined the other eagles. Fred was free. He was no longer stuck in the small pen with the other turkeys. Fred was free when he realized that he wasn’t a turkey. He was released from his self made prison when he began to think bigger and see himself as an eagle. No more would this eagle think small about his true potential. His days of thinking like a turkey were behind him now. Fred saw himself as the eagle that he truly was, and he then naturally grew into his potential realizing all that was possible for him.

You, my friend, are an eagle. Don’t waste your days and eventually your life pecking with the other turkeys in the pen. Spread your wings and join the eagles. And when you do, like Fred, don’t be surprised when the other turkeys try to talk you out of it. Your big eagle thinking is threatening to them. You make them feel uncomfortable and they will try to talk you out of trying to fly with those other eagles. They’ll make an effort to convince you that you are just another turkey like them. Don’t let that stop you. The only one who can truly stop you from reaching your full potential is you. And when you make that decision to think big and begin to fly, you will realize how incredible it feels to do what you were made to do. It was Mark Twain who said, “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” You can become great. You can be an eagle in a world of turkeys. All you have to do is think big about your potential and spread your wings and begin to fly.  And the next time small thinking threatens your big dream say to yourself, “You’re killing me Smalls” and keep on rising with the eagles.


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