Goals Sign Post Along Your Road To Success

Goals: Sign Post Along Your Road To Success

By: Dave Hanson Sensei

Goals are the sign post giving you direction along your road to success.  When was the last time you sat down with a blank piece of paper and a mind that was full of dreams and ideas and turned them into goals?  When you write down your goals it is what is called Psychoneuromotor Activity, where your mind and body make a connection.  You take the invisible goal held within your mind and make it real. Goals give you a target and are the act of putting work clothes on your dreams.  They keep you from wandering through life aimlessly without accomplishing much of anything. The motivational teacher Zig Ziglar use to say that, "You can't hit a target that you cannot see."  Goals give you something to aim for and there is a process to goal setting.  As a student for many years now of the process of goal setting I can tell you from my personal experience that they work.  I would like to share with you some of the strategic ways you can take your dreams locked inside your mind and transform them into workable and more importantly doable goals!  There are three specific types of goals that you must set.  Long range goals, which are goals that are 3 to 5 years into the future, or greater.  Mid range goals, which are goals that you can accomplish within a time frame of 3 months to 1 year.  And then you have your short term goals, which are goals that can be accomplished within a few weeks or a month.  You need to set goals in every range.  Typically it helps to start with your long range goals, what we would call your BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) and break them down into steps of practical achievement to a mid range goal and then further broken down into your short range goal and ultimately broken down into what you do every day.  Your objective is to make your goals clear and measurable.  Make them just out of reach where they stretch you, but yet seem attainable.  If your goals are too small, why even try. And if they are too big you may feel so overwhelmed that you will not finish the process to achieve them.

Everybody needs BHAGs in their life.  A BHAG is what gets you up out of bed early in the morning and what keeps you up late into the night.  Your goals are what I like to call your tackling fuel.  I remember many years ago going to the theater to watch the movie, "Water Boy" with Adam Sandler.  In the movie Adam, who plays the water boy, loves to give his footbal team refreshing, "High Quality H2O."  He calls it tackling fuel, which also gave him the energy and the motivation to tackle the biggest and meanest of opposition. Goals are your tackling fuel.  Goals that are clearly set, help you climb any mountain, conquer any obstacle and tackle the biggest of challenges that you may face.  Those mountains on the path to achieving your goals come in many sizes.  Some come as large as Mount Everest.  It was Sir Edmund Hillary who after his first failed attempt to summit the great Everest returned to England, and was treated as a hero because of his fearless attempt. Upon his return Hillary was invited to a special event where he was knighted by the Queen in reward for his valiant effort. The people gave him a standing ovation for even daring to try such a monumental challenge.  Hillary  turned from the audience to look behind the head table where there was a huge picture of the mountain and he said to the mountain, "Mount Everest, you have defeated me once and you might defeat me again. But I'm coming back again and again, and I'm going to win because you can't get any bigger, Mount Everest, and I can."  Now that is the way to approach your goals.  Like Hillary, you too, must challenge the goals before you and in reality challenge yourself to grow to become the person who can reach the summit of your goals.

The wonderful thing about goal setting is not found in what you can achieve, but in who you can become through the process of growing to reach your goal.  Goal setting in its true essence is growth getting.  Grow yourself to become the person who can achieve your goal.  It may mean you may have to work a little harder, stay up a little later, get up a little earlier and study a little longer, but in the end it's worth the effort.  Because it's in the effort that you find your true reward, of growing to become the person who can achieve your Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Your persistence will pay off, if you refuse to quit. I challenge you to set your goals and start by writing them down, which is your first action step to turning your goals into reality.  Then make a plan to achieve them by breaking them down from long range, to mid range, to short range and ultimately into what you do on a daily basis.  This means you are going to have to acquire new daily habits, and drop some bad habits. This is where the growth begins and you begin to change to become the person who can reach your goals.  Remember the word goals starts with go.  Your goals are out there, you just have to go get them.  What are you waiting for?  Begin today and go capture your dreams and seize your goals.  Your mountain is waiting for you, so start climbing and begin growing today and you will soon surpass any challenge on the path to reaching your goals. Goals; Set them and go get them!

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