Think Your Way Fit


Think Your Way Fit

By: Dave Hanson Sensei

Your results in life are a product of your thinking. Shape your thoughts and you shape your future. Fitness and health are very popular subjects in today's world, and yet still so many struggle to make changes to reach, and maintain their health and fitness goals. The reality is that your fitness level is a result of your thinking. Lasting change begins when you change your thinking, and ultimately change your habits. Obesity is a major epidemic in our culture. We have become a culture of the super-sized world. Everything is growing larger in our food portions and sugary drinks and that has directly affected our societies' larger waistlines.

So what can you do. Perhaps you've tried a few diets, maybe several, and the results were discouraging. Believe it, or not lasting change does not begin in the gym, but in your mind. Your mind is the master control board of your body, and your actions. It determines what you will do at any given moment. To be successful in your fitness program and weight loss goals you must begin, like reprogramming your computer, you must change your thinking. Change what you have conditioned yourself to believe is good for you, like those sugary high calorie soft drinks, and those empty donuts and high fat cheeseburgers. We should eat food for one purpose and that is to nourish our body, but unfortunately many eat for several other reasons. Some eat to repress their emotions. Others may eat because they are lonely. And others may eat because of anxiety, or even depression. The solution is that you must replace food as the outlet to fix your real problems. You want to put good healthy food for fuel in your body. It all starts with changing your thinking to create lasting change in your results on the scale.

The other side of fitness is your exercise routine. They say that the average adult should exercise at least 30 minutes every day. If you just walked for 30 minutes per day five days per week you would become one of the fittest people in our society. You could literally add years to your life by making a few simple adjustments in your thinking by looking at food differently and also looking to exercise as a reward instead of punishment. The good news is that your conditions of non-exercise and unhealthy eating, the creation of your own bad habits, is something that you can change. You have conditioned your mind to crave those unhealthy foods. And you can recondition your mind with self-discipline, by seeing healthy food and exercise as a positive thing in your life. It has been said that it takes 21 days to start a new habit. Those 21 days of effort to change your eating and exercise patterns will change the rest of your life. If you asked me, I would say that is a good trade off.

When it comes to exercise, which is the other component to a healthy lifestyle, the key is to find something that you find rewarding and look forward to doing on a daily basis. If you don't like to run, walk. If you don't like to walk, swim. Whatever it is you find enjoyable for your fitness begin and do it consistently enough to make it a habit. Your exercise choice must be something you can truly learn to look forward to everyday. You can do it, and it all begins by changing your thinking. Make a decision to tell yourself that you would prefer that bright crisp apple over the big bowl of ice cream. And when in doubt, it helps to remember how you will feel after eating both. Use your thinking to predetermine the consequences of your choices, so you can consistently make the best choice. The apple will leave you feeling refreshed, and more than likely the ice cream will leave you feeling groggy and bloated.

The choice is yours to make, but the great news is you can do it when you discipline yourself to change the way you think. It just takes a little will power to get started and the self-discipline to stick to your new routine for 21 days until you lock it down into a new habit and in the process you create a new life style, which leads to a new you. To get started it always helps to surround yourself with a positive support group who are like minded. To put a little plug in for my business, Gateway Karate in St. Louis, MO, is a great place to meet like minded adults who will support and encourage you to reach your goals as you train side by side in our karate program. Karate is also an incredible alternative to traditional exercise with benefits that can last a lifetime. The people of Okinawa, the birth place of karate, have known this for many years, and with their karate and disciplined eating habits they have some of the longest and healthiest life spans on the planet. Think differently about the food you eat and the exercise you need and also begin to think of yourself as worth the effort. All great achievements started with a thought. So what are you thinking? I suggest you begin with a new thought and think your way fit starting today!

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