Climb Your Mountain By Dave Hanson

     It was the 18th century Japanese poet Kobyashi Issa who penned these words,

“O Snail

Climb Mount Fuji

But slowly, slowly!” 

     Could you imagine a snail climbing a mountain?   And we’ve all heard the childhood story of the tortes and the hair and how the turtle beat the rabbit in the race.  What is the secret of the snail and the turtle?  What is their magical power that they harness to accomplish great things?  It is the power of persistence!  It is true that to get started you have to have passion and a passionate person can beat a talented person who knows no enthusiasm any day!  But what finishes the race and summits the mountain is the power of persistence!  Please don't think for a moment that passion and persistence are opposed to one another, for it is quiet the contrary.  Passion is the fuel that persistence runs on.  Persistence can run low on our own personal journeys towards achieving our dreams, that’s when we need to refuel our persistence by revisiting our passion.  The snail and the turtle accomplished their goals not by doing what was against their nature, but using their own natural ability to persist.  I believe that God has placed within each of our own DNA the hardwiring and natural bent towards reaching our dreams!  So, like the snail, do what you were  made to do and maintain your persistence at all times.  Is it easy for the snail to remain persistent, or the turtle to win the race?  The answer is no.  To get inspired and to stay the trek on your own personal journey to reaching your goals, just look around and see the power of persistence that surrounds us in nature.  Then get up and get moving.  Do what you were made to do. Frequently revisit your passion to fuel your persistence and you too, like the snail, will also be able to climb your mountain.



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