Mark Hovis

My son has attended Gateway Karate for over two years. This program was recommend by friends who's daughters are students at Gateway.

I feel very fortunate to have been directed to this program. The curriculum involves much more than teaching karate. The program is also aimed at teaching discipline, life skills, character development and leadership skills. Dave (Sensei) and Rachel (Senpai) Hanson have dedicated their professional lives to developing leaders that are respectful, responsible, accountable and possess solid values. Every class is a gem that provides a positive, uplifting and valuable experience to the student.

Rachel teaches class for the younger students. She is blessed with the ability to teach in a fun, but disciplined manner. She can get the best from the students in her class while they are having a great time. Her personality is truly perfect for the program she leads. She is a master at teaching class with enthusiasm and skill.

Dave teaches the older students. He is very skilled, positive and encouraging. He motivates the students and teaches leadership and character development skills. The program is aimed at developing positive and winning attitudes. Gateway Karate develops much more than just excellent karate skills. They are focused on the life-long success of each student.

Dave and Rachel Hanson are totally invested in their students. It is very obvious that they have truly found their calling. I am very thankful they dedicate so much time and energy toward helping to make my son the best person he can be.

Greg Rogers

Our family has been with Gateway Karate for four years and our kids love the program! The classes are not only fun, but inspiring and challenging. Our kids have taken what they have learned in class about character and have applied it in their lives at school, home and other places time after time. Sensei and Senpai are wonderful instructors and people as well. They are always positive, uplifting, and very caring to the families at Gateway Karate.

Cheryl Stuckmeyer

Gateway Karate is an excellent program. My children love it. The instructors make it fun while helping the kids with their goals. It is a well rounded program for both the mind and physical fitness! Helps teach both the importance of a positive attitude and a strong healthy body. Gateway Karate is dedicated to helping kids grow and be successful! I would highly recommend the program!

Kathy Brand

My daughter has been attending classes since January of this year and I already see an incredible difference. In a short time she has gained self-confidence and discipline. Sensei and Senpai are amazing instructors. The kids have such a great time. I highly recommend this dojo/program!

Mary Kozuszek

Gateway Karate teaches respect, manners and great leadership. You will be stronger and feel healthier. I recommened Gateway Karate to all ages. It helps our children in school and adults in the workplace. You will learn how to protect yourself, not fight.

Dave Hanson's Gateway Karate is located in St. Louis Missouri conveniently located near Arnold, Oakville, Imperial and Fenton, MO. Give us a call today at 314-416-9888!

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