Why Karate By Dave Hanson Sensei

    Why choose karate over all the other activities out there clamoring for your participation?  Why choose our school?  There are many answers to these two questions. Let me give you a few answers. First let me define what karate is.  Karate, also known by the more correct term of karate-do, is a method of developing the whole person; mind, body and spirit. Karate-do means, "Way of the empty hand," and it is the way of choice at our school that we use to teach kids and adults self-discipline, build unshakable confidence, self-protection skills and give them a path for a healthier lifestyle.  Karate-do is not just fighting, or MMA like what you may see on television for entertainment.  Karate-do is much deeper than that and has much more to offer than just how to defeat an attacker in the octagon, although self-protection is apart of what makes karate an effective martial art still today.  So why choose karate over all the other activities out there for your child, or possibly for yourself as an adult?

  Karate is one of the safest activities you can be involved in, with less injuries each year than football, soccer basketball, and baseball.  Karate teaches self-discipline where many sports and coaches don't teach it, or have it themselves.  Karate is multifaceted in that you can take it for many different reasons and achieve all your goals at the same time, unlike singular focused sports.  Karate is an excellent form of exercise for children working on their hand/eye coordination, balance, flexibility and much more leading to the early habits of a healthy lifestyle.  Karate is habit forming, with the accumulation of good habits.  Unlike many sports which are seasonal, karate is a year round activity.  Karate builds self-esteem and is an individual activity, and yet performed in a team atmosphere with the encouragement of your peers.  Unlike many sports, in karate you'll never have to sit on the bench, or be told your not good enough for the team.  Karate helps kids maintain focus and after being in a classroom all day, and is a great way to relieve stress and excess energy in a controlled environment.   Karate is also an incredible form of exercise for adults.  I have seen many adult students lose 30 to 40 pounds, lower their blood pressure and and improve many other areas of the health as well.  Karate is also a great way for adults to learn personal self-discipline and discover the direct correlation to self-discipline and developing self-confidence, which can be a great asset in school, or in front of a group of peers giving a presentation for work.  Karate also introduces kids and adults to another culture and language, broadening their perspective. It would be hard to find another activity that is focused, and yet so diversified in its many benefits.  Karate is not on the same level as tee-ball, soccer, tennis, basketball and baseball. These are all fine activities, but they don't provide a vehicle that can develop the whole person and bring you to another level of awareness in your personal growth.  Karate is not just an activity, but a discipline that should be approached with the same dedication and vigor as a student's education.  These are some of the many wonderful benefits of karate training, but it gets even better than that!  At our school we will help you learn karate and so much more.

  Gateway Karate is a place of higher learning.  All of our classes are lead by full time professional adult instructors who are totally dedicated to you, and your child's growth and improvement.  Many of our students have given us rave reviews, which we deeply appreciate, you can check them out for yourself at www.youtube.com/gatewaykaratetv. Our teachers have a combined experience of over thirty five years in the martial arts and are accredited black belts who have enjoyed the privilege to have trainied under some of the top Japanese masters in the world.  Martial arts and leadership training represents who we are and our motto is, "Developing, 'Leaders of Character, Leaders of Excellence and Leaders of Legacy' in the martial arts and life." We give the personal touch by making each student feel welcomed and recognizing them as an individual with wants and needs all their own.  We are not just karate teachers, but we will be your leadership mentor and help raise you up to an entire new level of thinking and excellence.  We have the systems in place to take you where you want to go.  When it comes to earning a black belt, losing weight, developing confidence and becoming a leader we have been there and can help you get the results you desire.  Many of our students have been with us for eight or more years. We have helped students who have struggled with school to improve their grades, overcome challenges with bullies and much more. Our adults students have benefited by loosing weight, improvement in their self-confidence, leadership skills and the knowledge that they could defend themselves, or their loved ones if the situation arose.  Many schools can claim to do this and there are good schools out there, but we guarantee we will do these things and go the extra mile to see our students achieve the personal success they desire.  

   Karate is the tool we choose to change one life at a time.  Perhaps you have thought about doing the martial arts, but never gave it a try for yourself, or your child.  There is no better time than the present to get started.  Martial arts is a very individual thing that everyone can do at their own pace.  I encourage you to come in for a free visit and learn more.  I would love to meet you and your family and share the many benefits of the martial arts and how it can change your life.  I say this from experience, because a long time ago in 1989 I stepped into a karate school for the first time and it changed my life forever.  Give yourself and your child the gift of karate and give us a call today!  I look forward to meeting you at the dojo!


Dave Hanson

Gateway Karate, Chief Instructor

5th Degree Black Belt, Shihan 

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