9.5 Reasons Why Adults Should Do Karate!

9.5 Reasons Why Adults Should Do Karate!

Here are my 9.5 reasons why adults need to participate in karate.  We all may have goals, but I believe it is of great importance to not only have a goal, but to know the reason behind that goal.  Knowing the “why” behind every goal can keep you going and motivated when life gets tough! So here they are, my 9.5 reasons why you need to do karate…

1. Exercise: Everybody needs a way to give their body daily exercise! Karate is a great way to get a total body workout and one that has many layers to it.  Karate is not just about “pumping iron” but about much more than that.  Karate also trains the mind and builds the spirit!  Unlike many sports, karate is something you can do your entire life and continue to improve as you age.

2. Self-Defense: Lets face it, we don’t live in an a era anymore where people feel comfortable leaving their doors unlocked when they leave their homes.  There was a time when boys would see an older man walking down the street and would step aside out of respect. Now the boys expect the man to step aside and this is just a symptom of lack of respect for others in our culture.  There is a lack of respect for authority and also for those who are the weakest and most vulnerable in our society.  Crime in our own country continues to rise.  Karate not only teaches one how to defend oneself, but also helps to reinstill the values of respect for others that is missing in todays world.  The world is not a safe place and giving yourself as an adult the ability to be not only physically prepared, but mentally too to defend yourself and your loved ones is an invaluable asset for anyone to posses!  

To be continue next month!

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