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Beginner Martial Arts Leadership Classes Enrolling In January

We look forward to introducing your child and perhaps yourself to the exciting world of martial arts and leadership development here at Dave Hanson's Gateway Karate. We have spent years developing and fine tuning our exclusive martial arts and leadership course curriculum to give our students the maximum benefit and to help them reach their full potential.

The Future Looks Bright And We Are Here To Help You Achieve The Goal Of Black Belt And Beyond


"Developing Leaders of Character, Leaders of Excellence and Leaders of Legacy In The Martial Arts and Life."

We will help guide you and motivate you, or your child along the journey towards becoming a black belt leader as we take you down the same path we have traveled. There are many benefits to karate training at our school, such as increased self-confidence, improved self-discipline, greater clarity of focus, stress relief, strength training, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and self-defense. We have a unique curriculum for both children and adults. To get started please review the below admissions procedures for consideration to be accepted into one of our exclusive martial arts and leadership development courses and then contact us here, or give us a call at 314-416-9888 today!

Admissions Procedure

A limited number of new students are accepted for enrollment each month into our exclusive Martial Arts' Leadership and Character Development programs. Priority is extended to family members of current students and family members of black belt graduates. Each application for admission to our school is carefully considered. Class size is limited so that we can maintain an appropriate student to teacher ratio.

  • Step 1: A time is arranged to tour the school with our Program Director or one of our Black Belt Instructors and receive a new student evaluation.
  • Step 2: Participation in our introductory program.
  • Step 3: Enrollment Conference with our Chief Instructor. Both parents are requested to attend for an enrollment of a student under the age of eighteen.
  • Step 4: Acceptance into the appropriate course training program selected by the Chief Instructor. 

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