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Boxing legend Joe Frazier once said, “Champions aren't made in the ring, they are merely recognized there. What you cheat on in the early light of morning will show up in the ring under the bright lights.”  The same can be said of black belts. Black belts are not made on the day of their graduation, they are made daily under the sweat and toil and the ups and downs of daily training and life.  Hard work and discipline is what it takes to make a black belt and that can be said of any goal worthy of your attention and your dedication to achieving.  What you do and how you do it repeatedly, is what’s going to show up when its time to show what you know.  You want to be a black belt?  Then you must train like one when you’re a white belt.  The intensity and determination and effort you bring to your training daily, is what will win the day when the test comes.  That test may be in the form of your formal black belt exam, or it may be a confrontation in the dark when no ones watching.  It could be in a self-defense altercation, or more likely in a test of your character. It really comes down to the effort you put into your training when no one is looking. This is going to determine the value you get out of your training and the quality of your skills when they are placed on display for all to see.  Do you want more out of your training? Then put more of yourself into your training.  How bad do you want to be your best, or are you content to be a coaster?  People who are coasters are a lot like a Roller coasters. Roller coasters can be exciting as you plummet down steep declines of the track, but remember it takes the up hill climb to get to the exciting part of the experience of the ride.  And the up hill climb can be slow and a little alarming as you here the coaster crack and squeak its way to the top before taking off down the rest of the course.  It takes the up hill climb to make the rest of the trip exciting!  Like the roller coaster, we have to be willing to climb for a while and put in the daily discipline before expecting to reap the rewards of the journey.  Like champions, who are not made in the ring, black belts are not made at the belt ceremony, they are just recognized there. Enjoy the exciting parts of the journey, but keep climbing.  That is where the real reward can be discovered!


"Way of The Dojo" - With Sensei Dave

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