The First Two Letters in Goals, says GO!

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    Goals only work if you do!  Goals are great and sound very motivational and make us feel good about ourselves when we set them.  Many people at the beginning of the year find themselves looking back to what has come to pass over the past twelve months and think they need to set some goals.  Newsflash...PAY ATTENTION….THIS WILL BE MIND ALTERING…. Goals need a human being behind them who is willing to back up these written dreams with action.  Not only action for a day, a week, or even a month, but year after year.  Persistent action is what it takes to achieve your big goals.  Goals like becoming a black belt need sweat and hard work pushing them up hill all the way to the top.  After setting a few goals, set some realistic action steps to start taking immediately to make them a reality.  One great thing about setting goals is to remind yourself that when you take action your farther along than the other 99% of people who set a goal and never did anything about it.  When you set a goal and begin to pursue achieving it you actually are already in the process of attaining it!  If you want to be a great pianist, the first day you take your very first lesson, you are already on your way.  You can no longer say you have never played the piano.  You are doing it!  If you want to be a karate student and achieve a level of distinction like black belt.  The first day of your first class means that you are no longer sitting on the sidelines, but you are now a black belt in process.  If you just keep training and working hard and GOING to class you will eventually reach your destination!  The key is you have to set your goals and then GO!  Now what are you waiting for?  Write them down and start attacking your goal list with massive action!  Time to get up and get going!  Remember as General George Patton once said, “A good plan violently executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week.”  Don’t wait for next week!  Next week will never come.  Next week is called an excuse.  Time to get up and get moving just go for your goals and don’t look back!

 "Way of The Dojo" - By Sensei Dave



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