What's Your Why??? Karate for Adults Part II

 in St. Louis - Dave Hanson's Gateway Karate

Are you ready to take your fitness seriously?  As we come towards the end of the year many well meaning adults will think about their health and how much weight they want to lose in the new year.  Some will go even as far as writing out their goals and even fewer will actually make a plan and begin taking action.  Unfortunately many of those well meaning weekend warriors will fail.  Not because they can’t do it,  but because they can find every excuse not to succeed. Gyms love this time of year because they know that when January comes they will have a flood of new members join, but give it just a few months and many of those members will be AWOL. You won’t find them in the gym and they will stop working to reach their goals as their excuses begin to creep in and take over their will power.  So what’s the solution.  Perhaps instead of focusing on your wants and how much you want to lose weight and get into shape, focus more on your whys.  Why are you trying to lose the weight.  Why do you want to start the martial arts.  What is your motivation behind what you want.  It’s in your why that you will find the will to persevere when those excuses start to raise their ugly heads and stop you in your tracks.  The gym will be filled with a lot of people in January who  have the, “want to” goal. But the dojo will have those people who find their “why” and those special few, continue to train and make traction towards their goals in our adult karate program and kickboxing fitness, because of the culture of support we create at the dojo.  The gym will offer you all the externals.  The image of fitness that people think they want, but the dojo gives you the internal engine that keeps your motivation running strong. Long after the external motivation of losing twenty pounds has worn off.  Are you ready to get serious about your goals?  You say you want to lose weight. Why?  You want to learn self-defense. Why?  At the dojo we focus on your why.  Why do you want to lose weight?  Perhaps to live a longer healthier life and to be active well into your later years with your family. Why do you want to learn self-defense? Is it because you want to have the confidence to protect yourself, or a love one?  What’s your why? Are you ready to get serious and find your why?  If so I will look forward to seeing you in class in 2019!

"Way of The Dojo" - By Sensei Dave

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