Karate is Not Just for Kids

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Fitness, confidence and self-defense is not just kids stuff and neither is karate!  Whether your giving a presentation for your job, or just walking with your arms full of your groceries, as you watch out for your children walking by your side to your car, karate is for you.  Lets look at just a few of the benefits of doing karate as an adult.  Karate is an excellent alternative to the gym.  You can burn up to 705 calories in a one hour karate class!  Karate is great stress relief.  Psychologist have a term called, “impact management’ and that is when you hit something physically, like the karate bags, you relieve stress.  What adult couldn’t use a little stress relief?  Karate has built in goals.  Besides just working out  at the gym and having your fitness goals. Karate gives you a physical reward to reach like earning your new belt and mastering a new skill or technique. When life hits you hard and things aren’t going well at work, karate keeps you hitting back and moving forward.  When you’re not getting the wins in your career outside the dojo, you can still be winning as you progress in your goals inside the dojo.  That motivation will help you bounce back from difficult situations that you face in life, that could have kept you down. Karate is more than just “fitness” karate teaches you to focus your mind, to learn about another culture, to embrace the dojo lifestyle of respect and honor.  Why do karate as an adult?  I think the question should be, “Why wouldn’t I want to do karate for myself as an adult?”  Who couldn’t benefit from the mental, emotional and physical benefits of being a karate student?  The answer is obvious.  Karate is good for you as an adult.  One final thought is that unlike many other physical activities out there for adults, karate is something you can do your entire life.  And as your performance naturally declines in other sports and physical activities as you age, karate is something you can actually maintain and even improve as you age.  Studies have shown that karate masters in their seventies on Okinawa have the bone density and muscle mass of adults in their thirties.  That’s a pretty good trade off for a couple hours of your time each week as you invest in yourself at the dojo.  My question to you is, what are you waiting for?  Get started today.  I promise you won’t regret it.


"Way of The Dojo" - By: Sensei Dave

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