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Heroes come in all shapes, sizes and abilities. Our culture is fascinated with superheroes who have powers beyond human capabilities.  Proof of that can be seen right at your local theater.  It is almost a tradition now that you can expect some big superhero blockbuster movie to make its appearance at the theater just in time for summer.  Why do the studios keep making them? Because for them it’s about their bottom line and the bottom line is that they make money and are popular in our culture.  But gone are the days of good guys and bad guys.  The good guys are now half bad and the bad guys have a little good.  There is no more clear distinction between right and wrong.  Gone are the days of the early Superman television series where Superman fought for “Truth, Justice and the American Way”  now it seems to be every man for himself.  I believe that our entertainment just follows our values.  Unfortunately that is the world we live in now, but alas there is hope.  There are still good people to be found.  No, they may not wear a cape, or have superhuman powers, but they do stand up for truth and justice and they live a life that is honorable with a heart for others.  Unfortunately in a “me centered” society these heroes seem to be harder and harder to find, but they still exist.  Perhaps you might even know one of them.  And if you don’t maybe you could be that hero to another person.  What does it take?  It takes knowing what you stand for and living a life that is “others centered” and life that is willing to sacrifice for the good of others.  It takes caring for another person’s well being. It truly is empowering to a down hearted person when a hero comes along side them and lifts them up.  Maybe you could be that hero to someone today. 


"Way of The Dojo" - By Sensei Dave


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