Our Presence is Developed In The Dark

 in St. Louis - Dave Hanson's Gateway Karate

By Sensei Dave Hanson:

Walt Whitman once said, “We convince by our presence.” The question remains what is the presence that we are convincing others of?  What is the stamp of our character that is placed on the lives of those we influence everyday?  John Maxwell once said, “Authenticity is the new word for leadership.” Authentic people have a presence about them that others sense and respect.  That presence is not developed under the bright lights of the stage when we perform and try to be at our best behavior before others.  It is a presence that is developed in the darkness.  It is in that dark place of challenge and difficulties that our character is developed.  That character is then revealed in every other area of our life.  Our character is a choice.  It’s a choice we must make in the darkness and it is ultimately revealed in the light. When you have a presence of honor about you, others will feel it.  Army Chaplains know this presence and have seen its effects in some of the darkest places of war.  They say that when a prisoner is being interrogated when an Army Chaplain is in the room abuse seldom occurs.  They call this phenomenon “ministry by presence.” It had nothing to do with military rank, but everything to do with the chaplains spiritual presence.  When a man, or woman of character walks into the room, the environment changes for good.  Develop your character and enhance your presence for greater influence

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