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  •  in St. Louis - Dave Hanson's Gateway Karate - Everyday Heroes

    Everyday Heroes

    By: Sensei Dave Hanson Heroes come in all shapes, sizes and abilities. Our culture is fascinated with superheroes who have powers beyond human capabilities. Proof of that can be seen right at your local theater. It is almost a tradition now that you can expect some big superhero blockbuster movie to make its appearance at the theater just in time for summer. Why do the studios keep making them? Because for them it’s about their bottom line and the bottom line is that they make money and are popular in our culture. But gone are the days of good guys and bad guys. The good guys are now half bad and the bad guys have a little good. There is no more clear ....

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  •  in St. Louis - Dave Hanson's Gateway Karate - Shiai


    By: Sensei Dave Hanson Shiai can be translated in Japanese to literally mean competition. That’s what we call a karate tournament. But it’s not what you may think. On the surface a shiai is what it appears to be, a competition between athletes who are well trained and prepared to demonstrate their skills in the ring. But for the karate-ka (karate student) the meaning goes even deeper. It is a competition with yourself. A competition to prove your strengths and reveal your weaknesses. A shiai reveals your spirit and character. The great basketball coach from UCLA, John Wooden, once said, “Competition doesn’t build character, it reveals it.” That ....

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  •  in St. Louis - Dave Hanson's Gateway Karate - Fit Always Comes With a Fight!

    Fit Always Comes With a Fight!

    By Sensei Dave Hanson We all want results, but are we willing to fight for them? To achieve the fitness and healthy lifestyle results that you want, you must first make a decision to be willing to fight for them. Fight for your schedule to workout. Fight through plateaus. Fight through sickness and soreness and a host of other issues that will distract you from achieving your goals. You have to change your mindset, if you are ever to achieve your goals. In Japanese it's called, "Tokken" meaning fighting spirit. One of the things that can help bolster your fighting spirit on the path to achieving your fitness goals is to... remember your "why." Remember those things that ....

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  •  in St. Louis - Dave Hanson's Gateway Karate - Shu Ha Ri

    Shu Ha Ri

    By: Sensei Dave Hanson In the last movie in the trilogy of the Karate Kid series Daniel says, “But my karate comes from you.” Mr. Miyagi responds, “Only root karate come from Miyagi. Just like bonsai choose own way grow because root strong, you choose own way do karate. Daniel says, “Yeah, but I do it your way.” Miyagi replies, “Hai, one day you do own way.” This is an example of what they call in Japanese Shu Ha Ri. Shu Ha Ri is an age old martial art principle for success as the student grows to make his martial art, his own. If we break down the word, we will likewise see the process for personal development in any field of study. ....

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  •  in St. Louis - Dave Hanson's Gateway Karate - Stay Hungry

    Stay Hungry

    By Sensei Dave Hanson How hungry are you? When it comes to achieving your dreams and goals, how bad do you want them? Are you a lion, or a gazelle? Both start each morning running. The lion gets up hungry and thinks, “I’ve got to kill something, so my family can eat and survive.” The gazelle has no external goal, but only thinks, “I’ve got to out run the lion, so I can live another day.” One is actively pursuing its goal and the other is running for survival, with no greater purpose in mind. Make your mind up to be a lion. Get up each morning hungry with your goal on your mind and go to work to make it happen. If it doesn’t happen, you will ....

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  •  in St. Louis - Dave Hanson's Gateway Karate - Make a Change!

    Make a Change!

    By: Sensei Dave Hanson I love listening to the classic Earl Nightingale record, “The Strangest Secret.” It’s a great lesson on the secret to success in life and how one can achieve it. Nightingale says, “Everyone of us is the sum total of his own thoughts. He is where he is because that is exactly where he really wants to be. Weather he will admit that or not...Your guided by your mind.” That’s the secret.. Your mind. What are you putting into your mind? My grandfather says, “Right thoughts bring about right living.” This is no new secret. It’s as old as man himself. The Bible, which holds all the secrets to a life of success, ....

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  •  in St. Louis - Dave Hanson's Gateway Karate - The Price Of Victory

    The Price Of Victory

    By: Sensei Dave Hanson The late football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant once said, “The price of victory is high, but so are the rewards.” In the start of this new year what price are you willing to pay to achieve your goals. Dwight Eisenhower once said, “There is no victory at bargain basement prices.” To many times we want the results without the sacrifice required to attain those results. We want the fit body without the extra push-ups and the ability to eat our cake and skip the whole wheat pasta. But life doesn’t work that way. And I’m glad it doesn’t. Because when we are really ready to face our self in the mirror we don’t ....

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  •  in St. Louis - Dave Hanson's Gateway Karate - What's Your Little Red Kick Bag?

    What's Your Little Red Kick Bag?

    By: Sensei Dave Hanson As we close this year and look with anticipation to the start of a new one, it is a good time to reflect on our past accomplishments and also on our opportunities for learning, also known as our failures. For me this is a time to look back and remember the beginning of a new adventure. In just a few weeks our school will celebrate its fourteenth anniversary. It was on a cold Friday evening on January 5th of 2004 Senpai Rachel and I walked into a Dance Studio and officially started our dojo. I taught for a few years before then, but this was our first professional endeavor to open up our own dojo. I remember those times and the thoughts of the unknown as we took ....

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  •  in St. Louis - Dave Hanson's Gateway Karate - Your Greatest Growth Lies Just Beyond Your Limits

    Your Greatest Growth Lies Just Beyond Your Limits

    By: Sensei Dave Hanson A Navy SEAL once said, “If you want to be pushed to your limits, you have to train to your limits.” Few things are more invigorating and inspiring as to watch a person go beyond the limits set on them to achieve their goals. And when they do, they grow. To grow you have to be willing to go. You must start out and keep going one step beyond your comfort zone. That’s what being a black belt at our dojo is all about. It’s been said that the greatest strength gains come when you push your body to failure. When you work out to the point you can’t do one more rep, but you do. Then you will become stronger. We don’t like that. In our ....

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  •  in St. Louis - Dave Hanson's Gateway Karate - Our Presence is Developed In The Dark

    Our Presence is Developed In The Dark

    By Sensei Dave Hanson: Walt Whitman once said, “We convince by our presence.” The question remains what is the presence that we are convincing others of? What is the stamp of our character that is placed on the lives of those we influence everyday? John Maxwell once said, “Authenticity is the new word for leadership.” Authentic people have a presence about them that others sense and respect. That presence is not developed under the bright lights of the stage when we perform and try to be at our best behavior before others. It is a presence that is developed in the darkness. It is in that dark place of challenge and difficulties that our character is developed. That ....

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