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Dave Hanson's Gateway Karate Reviews

  • The character development program at Gateway Karate has been the most beneficial aspect for our child! He has shown such improvement with his grades, attitude, manners and coordination. The instructors are polite and good to the children. My son would never want to go anywhere else.

    Lisa Braddy
  • Gateway Karate has made a positive impact on me because I’m more active; I’m healthier, and more determined. The instructors have helped and encourage me during my training. I also tend to look at things more positively now. The most beneficial portion of my Gateway Karate training is the self-defense. Before training, I would have had no idea how to defend myself if necessary. I wasn’t sure what to do and what targets of the body were the weakest. After my training began, I learned many techniques on how to defend myself. This year in PE, I ran the entire mile and finished third in my class. I came close behind a track runner. The healthy zone range was 9 - 11 minutes and I finished fours seconds before that. That my not seem like much, but I shaved off another two minutes from last year’s final score. The instructors at Gateway Karate have encouraged me every step of the way.

    Randy Richardson’s Daughter
  • In school and in Church, Josh has greater confidence through his martial arts training. As a person the martial arts has benefited Josh health wise. Sensei talks to Josh about setting goals, how to be a better person and how to be a leader and I can see how that has benefited him in school and with the part-time job Josh has.

    Chris Merseal
  • Will forever be thankful for the day my husband happened to pick up your karate flyer at a gas station and brought it home - it has forever changed my son’s life.

    Jayna Dilts
  • Black Belt is reaching the start of the path, because black belt is like the entrance and the other belts are just like little steps along the way.

    Ried Pifer
  • Gateway Karate has given Patrick positive adult role models and a circle of friends who encourage him and challenge him to be his very best. Patrick is more confident, physically fitter and more assertive. He is also becoming more intrinsically motivated. He sets goals for himself (both in and out of the dojo) and works hard to achieve them.

    Allene Vinzant
  • Sensei Dave and Senpai Rachel Hanson have been outstanding instructors and role models for our seven year old son. They are truly dedicated to the physical and character development of each of their students.

    Mike Tsichlis
  • It’s been great here at Gateway Karate for my family. The family atmosphere, the determination and especially for my four year old daughter. For my daughter knowing that she has this foundation in her life, brings so much pride and joy to my life. I believe that this a great experience for anyone it doesn’t matter what age you are. The atmosphere that Sensei Hanson and Sempai have been able to create for us is truly beautiful.

    Kimmett Dean
  • My sister actually saw and ad for a kickboxing class here at Gateway Karate...I began taking karate and I liked Sensei and Senpai...I learned so much I can’t really put it in words. I’ve lost about twenty pounds. I’m much more confident and I have no problem with public speaking.

    Kalem Fredrick
  • I use to be very shy and bashful. I have more confidence now. I'm not as afraid to be in front of other people.

    Josh Merseal
  • It makes you a better persons and helps you not to talk back to your parents.

    Carrie Connelly’s son
  • I could really tell a difference from when I first came here…It really will teach them all the values.

    Carrie Connelly
  • It’s been an overall positive experience for our family. It’s just a really good atmosphere. Andon is able to concentrate on certain things that kind of spill over into school and home. I think it is good for him to have short term goals and long term goals...making commitments and following through.

    Mike Brimberry
  • I think one thing that I was most impressed with was the one on one attention….It’s given Angel a lot of confidence . Every little accomplishment is praised. I think Angel has gained a bigger confidence and a bigger desire to do the right thing. It has really helped Angel a lot. If all dojo’s are as good as Gateway Karate there is going to be a better world. This is a place I can see us being at the next four years or five years.

    Judy Thebeau
  • I’ve seen Josh grow with a lot of confidence and a hard work ethic. The Yes ma’am and no ma’am has helped and the value of working hard. It gave him a sense of accomplishment and it taught him patience.

    Rick Schmidt
  • One thing I love about the leadership program and what really drawn me to Gateway is that it compliments what my wife and I do at home. It’s something that is designed to help us as parents.

    Russ Bowen
  • It feels great (to be a black belt) and I feel like I’ve accomplished a goal.

    Russ Bowen’s son
  • It’s been very positive. My girls have really enjoyed it. They’ve been able to set a goal and work hard toward something to reach their next belt level and see their progress as far as leadership goes I think it is good for them to find their place in the group. Its got my girls to understand that they are being a leader whether they recognize it or not. It teaches you to be assertive in a controlled way and in a disciplined way.

    David Vordtriede
  • It’s a family here….There is a lot of good people and you make great friends. How many kids can say you’re a black belt.

    David Vordtriede’s daughter
  • I’m better at standing up in front of class. The leadership makes me more confident and take charge. It’s great if your shy and gives you more self-confidence for people who are shy. Sensei has taught us that you can go beyond black belt and become a leader and help the younger students.

    Leo Lutz-Dreyer’s sons
  • It’s part of my life. I can’t imagine not having it. It’s made me a better leader. I really enjoy do karate and it’s really helped me a lot. It’s helped me with confidence. I use to be a very shy person.

    Suzanne Pifer’s son
  • I believe it’s going to be a great foundation for my daughter and myself. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. It’s a great experience for anyone. It doesn’t matter what age you are.

    Kimmett Dean
  • I talked to Sensei and asked him a few questions and went in for a free class and I loved it. I’m actually visually takes a little longer to sink in, but once I learn something it only takes me a few minutes to gather the information. It has taught me more self-defense. It’s great exercise. It’s actually a lot of fun. Being a black belt means to me being focused, be able to control yourself, being one with yourself and not letting anything get in your way. Sensei is a really great teacher and Senpai is very helpful and I encourage anybody who would want to take a karate class. There has been a few bumps in the road, but when there is Sensei is always there to help me out. It give me chances to use my other senses.

    Justin Reynolds
  • It’s great. We’ve been here three years. Senpai is very kid friendly. She is very good with kids. Dominic has learned to defend himself and he is more polite in school. It’s well worth it. It’s not just about karate.

    Deena Thompson
  • They recognized that each child has different potential. My son has quite more significant needs than most and that doesn’t stop them at all. They set up a program just for him and goals just for him. They worked with him and took him under their wing and made it work. A lot of our main concerns were socializing and discipline and we have been amazed at what this place has made. There is hardly a class that goes by that a parent doesn’t tell me that Hayden did a good job.

    Mary Jo Hughes
  • It really gives them discipline. With Hayden we not only need discipline, but also a routine. He has made some very good friends here.

    Mike Hughes
  • Just a quick note to personally thank you for continuing to train Emily and reinforcing the values we want to instill in her. Emily and I spend a lot of time talking about everything you teach her... Your teaching techniques are enhancing her mentoring skills as I also learn from you all.

    Steve Jones
  • Our daughter has never been more motivated or excited about anything! The positive changes we have seen in just her first 9 classes speaks volumes about this place! We absolutely love Rachel & Dave!

    Amy Weston-Reed
  • The best to have your child learn Karate, character building, and respect for themselves and others. Awesome and caring teachers.

    Judy Thebeau
  • Gateway Karate has been a great experience for our son. He has been taking classes here for almost eight years now. It has helped him gain confidence in himself and learn leadership skills. I love how their focus is on leadership, character building and self-defense. He has learned so much and has even started assisting in the preschool class. I recommend Gateway Karate to anyone who wants to keep their child active while learning some very valuable life skills.

    Theresa Harms
  • My son had a hard time after his mother left us . But thanks to Dave Hanson's Gateway Karate He is now on the A honor roll keeps his room clean and does what is asked of him with out argument!!!

    Marshall Cogburn
  • My son started at 4 1/2 years old. He will be 8 this year and just watching him grow through this journey has been amazing! He absolutely loves his dojo !! This isn't just a place you go for karate , it has become a part of his life. We love it!

    Stephanie Noel-Fultz
  • I am a 54 year old man and have never taken a karate lesson at Dave Hanson's Gateway Karate, but I am a professional photographer and have had the pleasure of photographing him, his lovely and talented wife Rachel, and a good many of his students. Being their photographer has allowed me to observe quietly in the background, and what I see is a devoted Master, teacher and leader that gently instills confidence, camaraderie and leadership skills in his students, both adult and the young. Keep up the good fight, Dave!

    Mark Adams
  • If you are looking for a place for your children/child to exercise, learn respect, confidence, manners and self defense then this is the dojo for you. Your children will learn and have fun at the same time. You will see a difference in just 1 month. This dojo is not only for children, they have a teen/adult class also that is amazing!

    Mary Kozuszek

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